Train Crash 1928

Unbeknown to us, Zac Murphy was doing some research on train carriage history. He uncovered some info that he knew would interest us, once he tracked down the final resting place of our carriage in Forrest, he emailed his findings. Many thanks Zac. Here is part of his email:

"On Christmas Eve 1928 there was a collision between a 'mixed' train (both goods wagons and passenger carriages on one train) and a Christmas special to Korumburra, at the town of Koo Wee Rup. The 'mixed' train was being assembled in the goods yard at Koo Wee Rup when it was accidentally sent toward the mainline track. This train stopped, but the back was slightly foul of the mainline track when the Christmas Special came through at about 30MPH. The tender (coal and water carriage attached to the engine) of the 'mixed' train's engine effectively sideswiped the entire train, doing some damage to the locomotive and the coaches. The Christmas train included 61Aw as the second carriage in the train. Amazingly, especially once you see the damage, there were no major injuries from the collision.................It's amazing to think that after receiving damage like this, that the carriage would not only be restored and remain in service for another 54 years, but would then survive as accommodation to this day, over 95 years after it was built!
Amazingly three other carriages involved in the collision also still survive; one with Yarra Valley Railway (unrestored), and two with Steamrail Victora (one operational, one not)."

Our carriage is the second from the left. A two year old first class carriage. In 2026 it will be 100 years old.