The Dufflebird Collection

Liptrap Loft, Walkerville

Six Holiday Homes within 2.5 hours of Melbourne

We’ve all had that feeling when travelling to far flung, new and exotic places.

A nervous anticipation and light-hearted buzz. A heightened sense of awareness and excitement where colours seem brighter and sounds more acute.

At Dufflebird, we believe you don’t need to travel to the ends of the earth to get this joyful feeling.

Over the years we have adopted an eclectic group of Victorian holiday homes. Places that we think activate the energising emotions of travel, and have enough warmth, charm, and quirkiness to inspire a wry smile.

All of our properties can be reached within 2.5 hours drive from Melbourne. A radius where city culture melds with country time and beauty.

Each home features its own individual character and all are completely self-contained. If it’s bunkering-down time you need, then there’s no need to leave.

Our holiday rentals are available for a last minute cheeky weekend getaway or a lusciously planned week-long retreat and recharge. All you have to think about is what to throw in your Duffle Bag.

Be as spontaneous, curious, adventurous or as lazy as you want, or need, to be. Let us at Dufflebird provide a holiday home for you to create a memorable getaway as unique as you are!