Pet Friendly Accommodation

If you want to take your pet on holiday with you, this guide should help you decide which Dufflebird property is right for you.

Where possible we try to allow pets to stay. Even though they generally increase cleaning costs, we’ve found most pet owners are so happy to have their furry family member included in the holiday, and they act responsibly as a result. In this article we talk about dogs. If you have a cat or bird or other pet, we can advise you on suitability.

  • If your dog is an escape artist, none of our properties will keep them in.
  • Please keep pets off furniture. It takes cleaners ages to pick every bit of hair off a couch.
  • Make sure your dog is clean when you visit. Non-dog owners use the properties as well, so we want to avoid the places smelling of dog, or traces of dog.
  • If your dog is aggressive or spooked by livestock or wildlife, Liptrap Loft, Shellback and BooGooDoo won’t be appropriate.
  • Please clean up after your pet. It is not fair to expect cleaners to pick up poo from the yard.

Dogs Allowed Inside:

  • Otways Loft Forrest is fenced, but not dog proof. There is a dog run on the balcony that is fairly safe, and there is a dog bed and bowls. Dogs aren’t permitted in the national parks in the Otways, but it is probably safe to leave your dog in the dog run for a few hours (depending on the dog).
  • Steam Carriage Forrest is fenced and reasonably secure. There are plenty of places to walk dogs, but the national parks don’t permit dogs, so keep that in mind.

This document shows walks and dog walking in the Otways, so is relevant for Otways Loft, Steam and Bootmakers Cottage.

Otways Dog Walks

    Surfcoast Dog Beaches

    • Liptrap Loft near Walkerville only has farm wire and dogs can wander in to the neighbours paddock with sheep or cattle. There is a low voltage electric fence that dogs should avoid, but we've never had any problems, it is just a small shock if it is on. There is an enclosure that used to be an avery, to leave your dog for short periods, if you want to visit a national park.
    • Boogoodoogata, close to the Phillip Island Bridge, adjoins (and is) a nature reserve, so the concern with dogs is that they don't harass wildlife. The owners have two dogs, so they are sympathetic to pet owners, but they would be aghast if any wildlife was harmed. The back verandah is fenced, so can act an enclosure if you need to leave your dog for a short period.

    Bass Coast Dog Beaches

      Dogs Outside Only

      • Shellback, near Cape Liptrap, is quite securely fenced with farmland surrounding it. There is often sheep or cattle in the surrounding paddocks. Don’t bring your dog if is likely to chase or bark at livestock. There is a kennel or you can set up a bed in the shed if your dog would prefer that.
        • Bootmakers Cottage Birregurra: The front is fenced, but the rear is not. Dogs can sleep in the mud room. 

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