The Zither House

The Zither House

by Running With Zithers

The old cafe directly next door to The Birregurra Tea House Accommodation on Main Street, has an interesting new tenant.

Angies Smales sells Zithers and runs music lessons. It is the only shop, like it that we know of in Australia.

Chord Zithers were very popular around 100 years ago. The easy to play harp like instrument are the perfect antidote to modern fast paced life.

Angie Smales, who runs it, is happy to offer Birregurra Tea House guests a free 1 hour workshop for up to 3 people, subject to availability. Her contact number is 0408379499of Australia and its next door to the Birregurra Tea House Accomodation.

PJ Harvey is known to dabble in Zithers click here for a clip

Angie and her Zithers

Mike 07-06-19